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  • Voltage Partners Web Site Terms and Conditions

    This document outlines the Terms and Conditions of Voltage Partners, Inc.   Terms & Conditions 

  • Voltage Idea Partner Agreement Terms and Conditions

    This document outlines the Voltage Idea Partner Agreement Terms and Conditions: Voltage Idea Partners Terms & Conditions 

  • Voltage Partners Website and Portal Privacy Policy
  • Voltage Partner Satisfaction Guarantee

    As a Voltage Idea Partner (VIP), you have our SERVICE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand behind our services with our 30-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services, you may request a refund within 30 days of initial startup payment, subject to applicable policies and procedures and the terms and conditions of your Idea Partner independent contract. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Department toll-free at (844) 856-8123 (844-VOLT-123).

  • Voltage Partners Comp Plan Summary

    The Voltage Partners Compensation Plan offers Voltage Idea Partners two ways to earn income—an individual income plan and a team income plan. Both plans provide a number of income opportunities for active and qualified Voltage Idea Partners.

    Individual Income Opportunities

    Retail Income

    When a Voltage Idea Partner submits an idea that results in a solution being developed and sold in the marketplace, the Voltage Idea Partner who submitted the idea will usually earn 50% of the net operating income of that idea. Retail earnings are not based on rank or title and are earned in addition to income earned from building your own Ideation team. Critics of the network marketing industry routinely focus on the fact that most opportunities fail to provide a realistic way for participants to earn meaningful retail income. For example, companies that sell pills, potions, or lotions often require an inordinate number of retail sales to earn a significant commission—certainly more than most people can achieve in a part-time capacity. We agree. Voltage Partners is different. With Voltage Partners, every Voltage Idea Partner has the same opportunity to earn retail income from the sales of successful e-commerce, software, and mobile app solutions.

    Market Validation Income

    Active Professional and Premium Voltage Idea Partners will have an opportunity to earn additional retail commission income (i.e., sales commissions) helping Voltage Partners validate ideas and potential solutions. When it is determined that a proposed solution needs additional market validation, Voltage Idea Partners can help pre-sell the proposed solution.

    Contrary to what some people may believe, preselling proposed solutions in the marketplace is not crowdfunding—it is a retail sale activity. In short, pre-sales are not investments in the proposed solutions which, by most definitions in the United States and many countries around the world, would be considered a security (i.e., an investment). Pre-sales, if and when they occur, are simply end users paying in advance for a service. In fact, if a proposed solution is pre-sold but does not meet the pre-sale requirements or is not built for any other reason, the money is returned because the solution did not provide the service that was pre-sold.

    Affiliate Income

    Active Professional and Premium Voltage Idea Partners will have an opportunity to earn affiliate income generated from the retail sales of solutions and apps via their storefront, as well as other authorized sales channels.

    Global Development Pool Income

    Voltage Partners recognizes that the strength of the Voltage Idea Partner network is enhanced by the collective efforts of every Voltage Idea Partner, which includes Voltage Idea Partners who have not submitted an idea that resulted in a completed application. Therefore, when a completed application is successful and profitable, Voltage Partners (at its sole discretion) will set aside a portion of its retail earnings (not the individual Voltage Idea Partner's earnings) in a pool, which will be distributed pro rata to every Voltage Idea Partner as an additional retail sales commission bonus. Of course, if there are no completed applications or if completed applications are not profitable, then the company would not be able to set aside any of its retail income for such distribution. The Global Development Pool, which recognizes all Idea Partners on a global basis, is an exciting way to reward the entire Idea Partner team. The Global Development Pool is available to Professional and Premium Voltage Idea Partners.

    Team Income Opportunities

    Active and qualified Professional and Premium Voltage Idea Partners who choose to build an Ideation team can potentially earn additional income from several Organizational Income Plan opportunities, which include Ideation Development Commissions (i.e., fast-start bonuses), weekly Binary Commissions, weekly Check-Match Bonuses, as well as other bonuses and awards. For more information, please see the "Compensation Plan Overview."